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Love, Death, and the Art of Cooking

Cover image by Jennifer Greeff

Software engineer Reid Lucas loves to cook and has a history of falling in love with married women. When he leaves his complicated past in Chicago for a job in California, he runs into trouble and must call a virtual stranger to bail him out of jail. Alyssa Knight, a tough street cop waiting for a church annulment from her passive-aggressive husband, is the roommate of the woman Reid calls for help, and she reluctantly provides bail for Reid. He falls for her immediately, and cooking for her is an act of love. She just wants to be friends, but they keep ending up in bed together. When his boss is murdered, Reid is a suspect…or is he the intended target?



   He made a paste from an apple slice with olive oil, garlic, onion, sage, rosemary, thyme, salt, and pepper and rubbed the roast with it. His efforts worked exactly the magic he had wanted. The oven warmed the kitchen on preheat, while the simple and creative tasks eased his mind.

   He dressed the roast with the remaining apple, onion, garlic, and seasonings and filled the bottom of the pan with apple cider. The oven was hot enough now, and he put foil around the roast and put it in.

He had just rolled and basted it for the second time when the doorbell rang.


   "In the character of Reid, the author has concocted a leading man as sweet and delectable as the meals he cooks...each character is unique with flaws and complete inner lives. Love, Death, and the Art of Cooking is full of beautifully crafted and incredibly detailed prose." ~ InD'Tale Magazine


   "This story will make you hungry... Food is definitely an art in this book, and it will make you want to join the author for a delicious dinner meal." ~ Still Moments Magazine


   "...a quick enjoyable read. It is also a culinary person's dream...I was truly surprised in the end." ~ Our Town Book Reviews


   "Warning!! Do NOT read this book on a diet or an empty stomach...an interesting, intriguing, suspenseful read filled with delicious, mouthwatering cooking." ~ Fabulous and Brunette


   "If you like a good romantic suspense novel then you are going to fall in love with Love, Death, and the Art of Cooking so I would like to suggest that you one-click your copy today!" ~ The Avid Reader


   "Love, Death, and the Art of Cooking is a brilliant romantic suspense I couldn't put down. It has all the elements I enjoy in an unputdownable story: independent heroine, suspenseful plot with a few red herrings, unexpected romance, great amounts of food, witty dialogue, murder, and a happily for now ending. Linda Griffin is masterful when it comes to original storylines but what I love most is her ability to write a realistic love story. There's no rescuing heroine and sweeping her off her feet. There's no billionaire hero to shower gifts and make everything in her life better. In this story, Linda Griffin takes two jaded characters and shows how love isn't the be-all but instead adds to what makes life worth living. Romance is different for everyone, and I loved seeing romance from Alyssa's point of view. I also enjoyed the sweet, sensitive Reid trying to navigate through the troubled waters of Alyssa's heart. The descriptive narration on the food and cooking made my mouth water. The suspense part of the story had me whipping through the pages. Just when I thought I'd figured out who the murderer was, Linda Griffin wrote a twist that knocked me for a loop. So well done. The ending made me gasp aloud. Love, Death, and the Art of Cooking is a romantic suspense not to be missed. Perfect for fans of culinary mystery. Highly recommend!" ~ N.N. Light's Book Heaven


   "The writing is solid and I especially enjoyed the passages when Reid is pondering what is going to cook, almost as much as when he is cooking--almost. I don't think I've ever read a book that made me want to eat as much as this one did. The author is definitely someone who knows food and her way around preparing delicious meals. The suspenseful elements are extremely well-paced and will keep you guessing. And the bit of romance between Reid and Alyssa fit within their individual overall story arcs." ~ Elizabeth J. Tarry-crowe