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Guilty Knowledge

Cover art by Abigail Owen

Release date: March 9, 2020  from the Wild Rose Press.  


She's a witness. She may be lying. And he's falling in love with her.


Detectives Jesse Aaron and Camille Farris have no leads in the murder of Rosa Logan when pretty blonde Sariah Brennan claims to have seen the killer—in a vision. Unfortunately the man she identifies is dead—or is he?


Sariah is an unsophisticated small town girl, but her background and her motives are mysterious. Jesse is increasingly convinced that she has guilty knowledge of the crime, even as he finds himself more and more attracted to her. Can he and Camille unravel the web of secrets before the killer strikes again?



"GUILTY KNOWLEDGE by Linda Griffin is part romance, part suspense and follows Sariah, a woman who just doesn't fit into any mold who holds her secrets and her past tightly clenched from prying eyes. It is her vulnerability that draws Jesse to her romantically, but could it cost him his life?

Linda Griffin has created a strong sense of mystery, of hidden truths as she pits partners against each other when one's vision becomes clouded with lust. A solid mystery that unfolds at a steady pace, nothing too rushed or dragged out. Sariah becomes a colorful character as her past is revealed and her true self is exposed. The webs we weave…who is the spider and who is the fly?"

     --Dianne, Tome Tender Blogspot