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Beyond Stonebridge

This beautiful cover by RJ Morris
will be revealed closer to the release date. 

This sequel to Stonebridge is now in galleys and should be published in 2024.


Warning: If you haven't read Stonebridge, this description contains spoilers.


In this sequel to Stonebridge, it is 1959, and Rynna Wyatt's abusive husband Jason has fallen to his death after a fight with his bookish, disabled cousin Ted Demeray. The police would like to know exactly what happened, but Ted and Rynna can't tell the whole truth. Jason's death doesn't end his relationship with them either. Rynna is pregnant with his child and traumatized by his abuse. She and Ted leave Stonebridge Manor to start a new life in Brenford, where Ted teaches geology at the university, but Jason's restless spirit follows them and continues to haunt Rynna's dreams. He wants her back. He wants revenge. And he wants his son. Can Ted and Rynna find a way to oppose his claims and finally put him to rest?


  The lights dimmed, flickered, and went out again.

  I take what is mine.

  The nursery was so dark without the night light and the luminous dial of the clock that the dim light of a quarter moon made a bright square of the window. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end. It was so eerily dark, and the flashlight was in the kitchen. She made herself back slowly, carefully, toward the door. She mustn't trip or bump into anything. She mustn't wake Robert. She couldn't leave him here alone.